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technical services consulting

interim management
Field of Action
Based on long term experience as executive
in trade and industry.
... the enterprise network.

Leadership / Management
... to lead employees,
to manage things.
... reliable control, ability, productivity.
... nightmare or crucial importance?

Discover a possible answer ...
Supply Chain Management
Data logistics
The biggest warehouse in a company usually is the data warehouse.
Production logistics
... the supplier for processes.

Order logistics
... without orders organization is "blind"
... to make sure we're up-to-date tomorrow.

'If I had asked people what theywanted, they would have said faster horses'
Henry Ford

Does this mean we shouldn't ask customer?
Technical Services
Quality Management
... when the customer returns with a non-product issue!

Environmental Management
We did not inherit the earth from our parents ...

Project Management
... precision in development, realization and
change management!
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