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Field of Actions
Core Competencies / Skills
The strenght of a chain depends on its weakest element ...?
The world is far more complex than a chain, the weakest link in a network defines the strenght of the whole!
Complexity can only be controlled thru higher complexity (Prof. Malik). Complexity is not a contradiction to Lean! Please do not mix up complexity and complication. Complication is human but counterproductive and demotivating.
Standards versus Individuality?
Following Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel (Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing at TU Dortmund University and managing director at Fraunhofer-Institute of Material Flow and Logistics IML) we can try do standardize services but never process chains and operational sequences. Processes are subject of continuous development; standardization would slowing developments. We shouldn't try to plan anything.
Service Portfolio
Planning and implementation of new Processes
Change Management
Strategic Planning
Productivity discussion
Answer to the make or buy question
Developing In- / Outsourcing Processes

Inter- /Intracompany
Order Processing Infrastructure
Continuous Improvement Process
Responsibility structures / organization charts
Collaboration with 3th Parties (Supplier / Customer)
Leadership / Management
To lead employee, to manage things/objects!
There is no need to motivate employees, it is sufficent to avoid demotivation.
Clear / transparent (Process-) responsibility, understood assignment and the necessary qualification are essentiell.
"Who knows why, will sustain almost every how" Friedrich Nietzsche

The untoppable progress of digitization makes employee even more important in an enterprice network. Commitment / liability by clear and transparent rules; trust and increased willingness to perform by commitment.

Planning Process
Knowing is not enough, we must apply it,
willingness is not enoug, we must do it.
J.W. v. Goethe
Planning ≠ centrally command economy

Meeting a defined objective without planning could be pure case.

Whether in enterprice planning or equipment planning ... Planning should allways try to give an answer to the what-if question
Service Portfolio
Strategic Planning Process
Value Stream Planning
Facility Planning
Order Processing
Enterprice Ressource Planning (ERP)
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Production Planning and Steering (PPS)
Material- and Ressource Planning (MRP)
Planning circle
... reliable control, ability, productivity are keys for processes with a maximum of added value
Service Portfolio
Product(ion) line
Order processing
The simplest way to achieve this
"Do it right the first time ..."
(Management-Wisdom out of "Rentrop's Zitatensammlung")
Is there a need to use Japanese terms to talk about matter of courses?
No, not in our context. The tools are not the terms but the methods. And the methods are based on overview (perspective, interrelations), economy (do only what customers are prepared to pay for) consistent project management. Muda, Mura und Muri sound somehow mystical to our ears, but it is (should be) common sense that waste, inconsistenzy (e.g. in the network) and exaggeration/excessive demands are not economical. The holistic view (from the outsite) can help to explore accustomed inadequacies or hidden errors and help to find solutions with a benefit to the whole network.
If more value is leaving production as investet before
(Employee, Machine, Material, Time),
we have added value.
... the added value to a maximum
Reliable control, ability, productivity are keys for processes with a maximum of added value. The right technology helps a lot do not say is the base for this - in production, order processing, quality and environmentals management, ...
Service Portfolio
... creativity, defined objectives, professional skills, precise project management, explicit responsibilities
If specification sheet is a pain ...

If requirements specification is a must ...
You should urgently turn this feeling of pain and must into a chance to survive in the market, to be better than the competition ... We can suppot you.
... when the customer returns with a non-product issue!
the best
the nicest

starts with selling products or services
ends after customer is paying the bill.

= when the delivery is what we sold (promised)!
= how we treat people (employee, customer, supplier)
Nothing more and nothing less.
A good product is no longer enough to be successfull in the market. The total package is important! The customer decides whether a performance is good or bad.

Quality is not only about the product or technology but
  • offers
  • order processing
  • services
  • delivery
and last but not least
  • complaints processing (unfortunately this cannot be avoided)
Quality Management System
Lead Auditor
ISO 9001:2015

We did not inherit the earth from our parents ...
..., we've just borrowed it from our children."
(Old indian wisdom)

That wisdom alone would be reason enough to take environmental matters seriously. Sustainability means not a one-time action but it is the basis of leading and management. As nature shows us, sustainability and economics is not a contradiction. Considering natures efficiency, it becomes clear that nature is also the most economic system.
Logistics / SCM
... reliable control, ability, productivity are keys for economic availability.
... Seven-Rights-Definition by Plowman:
Availability means
  • the right goods
  • in the right amount
  • under the right conditions
  • to the right place
  • at the right time
  • for the right client
  • at the right price.
Service Portfolio
Setting up / optimization of Data-Logistics and Warehouse infrastructure within your Supply Chain
Analysis - Automatization - KPI

Warehouse- Material- Data infrastructures - Container control - (e)Kanban - VMI - Cross docking - JiT - JiS - MSL - ...
Should you order till noontime we will ship the same day ...
This works ONLY, if orders are processed
on time and are available!


from the emergence of customer requirements throug the payment!
Quality of decisions depends principally on the quality and availability of data.
This emphasizes the importance of

Availability means

  • the right data
  • in the right quantity
  • in the right conditions
  • at the right place
  • at the right time
  • to the right user
  • at the right cost.
                The future began yesterday ...
                ... today we set the milestone for tomorrow.

                • not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end! Meaning to whitch end?
                • should not replace us, but make our lives easier
                • should make processes comfortable, save and fast
                • is not  a new invention. From the bush telegraphy through todays smartphone or from candle light through LED light, Digitalization is progressing - every day faster
                • means Change, change means new things and new things may feed resistance, especially in cases where a behavioral or system change is required!
                • requires good leadership, transparency and information - a professional Change Management

                    ... to make sure we're up-to-date also tomorrow.
                    Take a rest and competition will pass you. Innovation, no matter if it is in products, processes or services, has to ensure tomorrows customer benefits. Against this backdrop H. Ford was not wrong - '... they would have said faster horses' - usually we are imprisoned in the presence.
                    Innovation occurs only if provides sustainable benefits. Without sustainable benefits, we have only (expensive) changes. There is no competition between Innovation and Digitalization; Digitalization is a tool, a means to an end for Innovation. Horizontal, vertikal or disruptive Innovation? - This question should be answerd in your stategic plan.
                    Projekt Management
                    ... precision in development, realization and change management.
                    Project management is first and foremost leadership, methods, discipline, transparency and consistency. Never interrupt or stop the cycle Identification, Analysis, Planning, Realization and Assessment.
                    'We define all details in a stage where we know least about' this is as Thomas Witt from Infopark describes the disadvantages of the so called Waterfall-Method.
                    Agile Methods should ensure that project targets are allways up to date - the risk of moving targets is quite high - every day new findings, every day new targets ...
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